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Latin Name: Fraxinus Americana , Fraxinus Excelsior

Ash is pale cream to greyish brown in colour, generally straight grained, with a coarse but even texture.  It is appropriate for applications where strength is a requirement.  Available in other grades, e.g. Common & Selects. 

Traditionally used for sports equipment and striking handles, it is increasingly used for joinery, furniture, shopfitting panelling & flooring.


Latin Name: Terminalia Ivorensis

Colour is yellow to light brown.  The grain is straight to slightly irregular with a medium to fairly coarse texture.  The timber works well by both machine and hand tools and finishes cleanly.  An excellent utility timber for many purposes due to its medium weight, ease of working, durability and outstanding stability.

Furniture and high class joinery both internally and externally.  It is also suitable for domestic flooring and mouldings


Latin Name: Chlorophora Excelsa

Colour varies from light yellow to golden brown and texture is coarse, often with an interlocked grain.  Works moderately easily with some dulling effect on tools and so a cutting angle of 150 is recommended.  Available in air-dried dimension stock for external construction work.  This is a hardwearing timber which is resistant to decay.  Has many of the desirable features of Teak.


Wide use for joinery, particularly in school/institutional buildings, and very suitable for laboratory and kitchen fittings. Boat building piling & marine work.


Latin Name: Liriodendron Tulipifera

Colour ranges from white to pale olive green to brown.  It is straight grained, of even texture and grain and relatively strong.  Available in other grades, e.g. Common & Selects.  Moderately light weight and low shock resistant. 

Used for interior joinery, panelling, furniture manufacture & mouldings, it is increasingly used as an alternative to Ramin, Obeche & Rubberwood.


Latin Name: Pinus Sylvestris

Sourced from Scandinavia and Russian, known also as Pine and Scot's Pine, its colour is pale yellowish-brown to red-brown heartwood with lighter-coloured sapwood.

Interior Joinery, furniture and construction.


Latin Name: Entandrophragma Cylindricum

Colour dark reddish brown.  Grain is interlocked or wavy with a medium to fine texture.  It works fairly easily.  Available in log form, which when quarter sawn produces the familiar stripey figure.  SGS Stocks available.


Furniture, shopfitting, general joinery and flooring.


Latin Name: Entandrophragma Utile

Colour fairly uniform reddish or purplish brown.  Grain is interlocked and rather irregular.  The stripe figure of square sawn is less marked than in Sapele and the texture more open owing to the larger size of the pores.  Strength is comparable to European Beech.

Suitable for high quality joinery, cabinet work and furniture, boat building.


Latin Name: Juglans Nigra

The colour varies from a light grey-brown to a chocolate brown to purplish brown, and finishes beautifully with an excellent decorative appearance due to its outstanding grain, colour and pattern.  Grain patterns vary from very plain to highly figured.

Widely used for cabinet making, high quality joinery doors and shopfitting.

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